The Städtische Museen Schwedt/Oder

Schwedt Tabakmuseum_presse-kwad

The Städtische Museen Schwedt/Oder include the Stadtmuseum Schwedt/Oder and the two special museums Tobacco Museum Vierraden and Jewish Museum with ritual bath. The main focus of the museum’s work is the exploration and communication of the city and regional history. The main focus here is on working with children and young people.

In connection with the conception and research for the permanent and special exhibitions, the maintenance of the museum property and the mediation of content take place. Important museum tasks are also oral history projects, the conception and implementation of target group-oriented museum pedagogical activities, the publication of own publications and the participation in publications. At the same time, educational trips, lecture series, specialist lectures, guided tours and readings are organized. It is important to cooperate in various networks and to cooperate with institutions.

Person responsible for the project in institution:
Marzena Wazińska
tel. 0049 3332 250991

For coordinators:
Marzena Wazinska (Magister of History)
Anett Wagner, B. A. (Teaching Gymnasium Geschichte/German)
Katrin Boßdorf, M. A. (Art History, Cultural Studies, Journalism)
Anke Grodon, M. A. (History of Art, Cultural Studies)