Prof. dr hab. Jörg Hackmann
Instytut Historyczny, Uniwersytet Szczeciński

Alfred Döblin Professor of East European History at the Department of History, University of Szczecin. He holds a PhD from the Free University Berlin and received his habilitation at Greifswald University in 2007. He has also been a visiting scholar at many universities in the Baltic Sea region, among others in Riga, Stockholm, Tartu und Turku, as well as at the University of Chicago.

Current research interests include the transnational history of East Central and North Eastern Europe, World War II in East Central European memory cultures, Jewish topography of (German) Szczecin before the Holocaust, and asymmetries in the German-Polish border region.

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Recent publications include:

Geselligkeit in Nordosteuropa. Studien zu Vereinskultur, Zivilgesellschaft und Nationalisierungsprozessen in einer polykulturellen Region, Harrassowitz 2020.

Deutsch-Polnische Geschichte: 19. Jahrhundert. Nationen in Kontakt und Konflikt, Darmstadt 2014, razem z/mit/with Martą Kopij.

Defending the “Good Name” of the Polish Nation (Journal of Genocide Research, 2018.